Why QuickBooks?

#1 package for small to medium businesses

Well-known by consultants, bookkeepers, and accountants, and used by 84% of businesses worldwide, QuickBooks provides a time-tested and user-trusted platform to help businesses manage their finances and prepare for tax time with ease. With a wide library of native integrations and the flexibility to develop custom solutions, QuickBooks is not only the most user-friendly accounting platform but the most business-friendly one as well.
QuickBooks Online
QuickBooks Online
QuickBooks online is a perfect solution for service businesses who want to be able to access their accounting from any location and any device. With QBO your data is stored on Intuit’s secure accounting cloud and protected by industry-standard AES 256 encryption. From mobile invoicing, time tracking, and even automatic mileage The QuickBooks online suite of products brings clarity and ease to your business financial life. 

The perfect accounting solution for start-ups, entrepreneurs. Everything you need to start managing your books effectively and prepare your new venture for tax time.

Features include:

  • Invoicing and receiving payments
  • Paying your businesses bills
  • 1 billable user seat
  • 2 non-billable accountant firm seats

A great solution for small businesses looking to increase their number of QuickBooks users. You get everything in from QuickBooks online simple start with the benefit of 2 more users.

  • 3 billable user seats
  • 2 non-billable accountant firm seats

As your business grows and you begin hiring contractors, freelancers, or other 1099 workers it’s critical that you track their wages and prepare and send the appropriate forms for your business during tax time. Quickbooks online plus provides you with easy-to-use tools to track hours wages and payments for 1099 workers as well as additional seats for your business’s finance team.

  • 5 billable user seats
  • 2 non-billable accountant firm seats

The premier online accounting solution for mid-sized businesses, QuickBooks Online Advanced combines the power of Fathom’s advanced analytics platform with industry-leading roll-up reporting for combined entities and complex businesses. Pair that with the scale to allow for up to twenty users, QuickBooks Online Advanced provides the functionality you need as a mid-sized business at a fraction of the cost.

  • 25 billable user seats
  • 5 non-billable accountant firm seats
QuickBooks Desktop

The perfect solution for products-based businesses or businesses with less than perfect internet connectivity. QuickBooks Desktop provides a localized instance of the QuickBooks platform that allows the tracking of large complex inventories that make this the perfect tool for manufacturing, logistics, and retail businesses.

Pro Plus

Perfect for most "mom and pop" businesses this three users package is capable of monitoring inventory, bundling products, creating invoices, and managing the accounts payable process.

This package has all the bells and whistles at a fraction of the cost of most small business accounting solutions.

Premiere Plus

This extended package for up to five users provides industry-specific tools for a variety of sectors including prebuilt reports that will save your accounting team hours of time preparing the data you need to make mission-critical financial decisions for your business.


The Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise Platform provides three distinct package options:

Silver Edition: Perfect for businesses with growing accounting teams who need industry-specific accounting tools, user permissioning, and custom fields.

Gold Edition: This edition includes all the benefits of the silver edition while also including the ability to manage the payroll process. Perfect for businesses with more than fifteen employees and large product inventories

Platinum Edition: This edition includes All the great features of our gold edition while also providing advanced inventory controls and reporting. Perfect for businesses with large inventories, complex logistical challenges, and large customer and vendor lists.