Brandon Morris

President & Co-Founder

Brandon Morris, President & Co-Founder, became a QuickBooks ProAdvisor in 2003, and was the first in the state of Arkansas to become an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor in 2007. Brandon maintains certifications in QuickBooks Online, Quickbooks desktop Pro & Premier (ADVANCED), QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, and QuickBooks Point of Sale. Brandon has served on Intuit’s QuickBooks Solutions Provider Council.

Brandon maintains his certifications, specializing in QuickBooks installations, third party application recommendation and integration, custom reporting, and conversions. He also oversees a national and international QuickBooks sales team, Accounting Success Group which consists of accountants, CPAs, bookkeepers, and IT professionals.

He is also founder and leader of the Lower Alabama Woodard Group. Woodard Groups is a QuickBooks centric national network of QuickBooks ProAdvisors and other professionals, such as, with an emphasis on education and building professional networks.

Brandon resides in Mobile, Alabama with his wife and twin daughters, as well as his dog, “Tank”, and cat, “QueB Oh”. Kylee, his oldest daughter also works with Barons’ making it, a three-generation QuickBooks ProAdvisor practice.

Sharon McCauley

CFO & Co-Founder

Sharon McCauley, CFO & Co-Founder earned her BS in Accounting from Arkansas Tech University in 1985 and her CPA license in Arkansas in the same year. She became a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor in 1999 and earned her Advanced QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification in 2007. Sharon maintains certifications in QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks desktop Pro & Premier (ADVANCED), QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, and QuickBooks Point of Sale.

Sharon resides and maintains her office in Pelsor, Arkansas, in the Ozark Mountains with her husband, and works remotely, as needed, supporting the Barons’ team.

Kylee Williams

Kylee Williams has been a part of the Barons’ team since 2012, now helping at the accounting firms Mobile AL. She earned her QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification in QuickBooks Online, becoming one of the youngest certified QuickBooks Proadvisors, ever at age 16, and making Barons’, Inc. a three-generation ProAdvisor practice.

Kylee works on special projects as well as assisting with the support of Accounting Success Group, Barons’ national and international sales group.

She and her husband and small zoo now reside in Mobile, AL.

Chris Metzler

Sales Manager

Chris Metzler, Sales Manager for Barons’, is the newest member of the Barons’ accounting firms Mobile AL. Coming from the retail management world, Chris used QuickBooks Point of Sale on the ground level for a decade before moving to the QuickBooks service provider world. With experience in project management, training, tech support, and sales of Intuit products, Chris has been part of every aspect of the QuickBooks implementation process and now working for accounting firms Mobile AL.

Chris is a certified QuickBooks Point of sale technician and trainer.

Chris currently lives outside of Austin, Texas with his wife, two young children, and their dog.

Relationship with QuickBooks

Not only are all of Barons’ owners and staff certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors, but they are also Premier QuickBooks Solutions Providers (QSPs). What that means is that Barons’, Inc. represent Intuit with their entire QuickBooks suite of products and services by selling and supporting all versions of QuickBooks products and services.

Intuit provides Barons’ with representatives / specialists within the various divisions at Intuit to give them the resources needed to provide solutions and solve problems in order to give their customers the best possible experience.

Jesse Figueroa is our Channel Account Manager at Intuit as part of  the QuickBooks Solution Provider Program.  Jesse has been with Intuit since 2002.  He is located out of Intuit’s Tucson (his hometown) office.  The majority of his tenure at Intuit he has been as part of the POS sales team but he has spent time in sales across all QuickBooks sales groups.  To verify Barons’ as a member of the QuickBooks Solution Provider Program please feel free to reach out to Jesse directly.

520-330-8985 – jesse_figueroa@intuit.com

We also get direct support from Gina Avila at Intuit. Gina is the Team Leader for the QuickBooks Solution Provider Team.

Noah Ramey is our Payroll Account manager located at Intuit. For all things QuickBooks Payroll, Noah is our guy that has the answers.  He’s been with QuickBooks Payroll for over 16 years.  Noah_Ramey@intuit.com

When you work with us on Payments, also known as, merchant service, you’ll find that you’ll work with one of us usually directly at Barons’, and occasionally you’ll have the pleasure of speaking to one of our payments team members directly at Intuit. They are all very professional and experts at what they do!. They are:

George Madenian, Intuit Payment Solutions Manager. george_madenian@intuit.com
Joe Yalinkatian, Account Manager, Intuit Payment Solutions,joseph_yalinkatian@intuit.com
Gabor Terebesi, Account Manager, Intuit Payment Solutions, gabor_terebesi@intuit.com
Marvin Safi, Account Manager, Intuit Payment Solutions, marvin_safi@intuit.com

Reason for using Barons’, Inc.

The single biggest factor that sets us apart from other software consultants, is that we build real relationships with our clients. We have many clients that have 10-15 or more years of history with us. (in 2018 16% of our clients had been with us more than 10 years). We develop partner relationships with small businesses and will be around for them after initial installation and training are completed. We visit with many clients annually, and some occasionally at the point of a new need.

Our focus at Barons’ has always been customer service. We make every effort to properly evaluate customer needs early on in our consultation process, then recommend QuickBooks and appropriate to each client’s unique needs.

We have been in the “QuickBooks business” since 2002, and have many years of combined experience, not just with QuickBooks, but with accounting firms Mobile AL and application technical support. This experience allows us make consultation time efficient and effective for every client.

When appropriate, we love to have our client’s software programs and applications integrate seamlessly. Sometimes this is solely within the QuickBooks suite of products for example using the built in credit card processing function. But there are times that we need to reach outside the QuickBooks product line for a solution for either cost or functionality considerations. In those situations we have the connections, resources, and experience to research and recommend the best third party applications or accounting firms Mobile AL to fit our client’s needs.

We love to work with our clients on their business sites, but in the current technology environment we can work with our clients from anywhere. This allows us to cost effectively provide support very quickly and conveniently accounting firms Mobile AL.

Bottom-line, Barons wants to be there for small business owners who are looking not for just a vendor to purchase QuickBooks from (although, we’ll take those too), but for clients who want
a trusted software and technology consultant, who will:

Be there for them during their growth and maturation stages
Consistently help to guide their technology and software decisions
Assist with implementation and training when needed.
Be readily available for questions and support recommendations