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Why do I need QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS)?

QuickBooks POSWhy do I need QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS)?  Good question! One of the most important decisions that can be made when opening up a retail store is choosing the POS system that you will use. “POS” Stands for Point-of-sale. A Point of Sale system is the culmination of the sales process, when the consumer comes to the register to physically purchase goods or services from you. A point of sale system can have many functionalities, including inventory control, barcode scanning, integrated accounting and credit card processing, customer tracking, and much much more. In this article, we will discuss some of these functions, including what QuickBooks Point of Sale can do for you and your store.

One of the main hesitations for purchasing a point of sale system is often a price tag. The good news is that point of sale systems are actually more for affordable than many people realize. A basic point of sale system can start at around $800 and go up to a few thousand for a top of the line set up. QuickBooks point of sale is designed to have all the bells and whistles wrapped up into an easy to use, affordable package that can be scaled up as your business grows. With the time savings made by the following features, the system can often quickly pay for itself.

Almost all retail stores will track their inventory. And this is where QuickBooks Point of Sale shines. Customizable and scalable for hundreds of different types of retail stores, we can make Quickbooks POS work for you. Real time inventory control, scannable barcode capabilities, and an extensive reporting program make sure you know exactly what you have in your store at any given time. Retail apparel and footwear stores will love the size grid function, allowing you to create one item with multiple sizes and colors at once. Feed and Wholesale stores will appreciate the multiple price levels, allowing items to be sold at up to five different prices (ie. Retail, wholesale, resell, etc.). Every item in inventory will also be fully tracked, with any change to cost, quantity, or price permanently recorded in the Item’s history.

QuickBooks Point of Sale has many built-in customer-specific features that other systems often charge thousands of dollars for. The ability to track customer history, set up email campaigns, create a customer reward program, and establish automatic discounts for particular customer segments are all included features in QuickBooks POS.

Integrating your QuickBooks Point of Sale is a great way to save time and money for yourself, and your store. QuickBooks POS can seamlessly integrate with any QuickBooks desktop accounting software, eliminating the need for nightly reconciliation. Intuit also has its own in-house merchant service team, allowing you to connect your credit card processing directly into your Point of Sale, eliminating time and possible employee error. The rates are more than competitive, and Intuit does try to follow the “meet of beat” policy on their merchant service rates. Want to see how much you can save? Contact one of our Barons’ reps today for a rate comparison.

Deciding on a point of sale system can be a daunting task. Barons’ is here to help the transition on every step of the process. If you are moving on from a different point of sale system, or if this is your first foray into the world of POS, Barons’ can help. QuickBooks Point of Sale and Barons’ inc. are the partners to help take your retail store to the next level and beyond.

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