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Time to UpgradeFinally upgraded your QuickBooks, now what?

For the record, for most people on QuickBooks Desktop Pro or Premier, we don’t recommend but every 3 years when Intuit “sunsets” their QuickBooks software.

The only thing that you SHOULD have to do is open your data file in new version of QuickBooks and it will upgrade your data file automatically…
When you open your file in the new QuickBooks, it’ll ask you if you’re sure you want to upgrade your file to the new version. When you open your file that has been running in QuickBooks Pro 2018 for example in QuickBooks Pro 2020, it can never be opened in an older version of QuickBooks again…hence the reason for the confirmation that you DO, indeed want to upgrade your file.

Once you confirm, QuickBooks will update your company file to your new version. It might take a few minutes if your file is a large one.
That’s it! Your company file has been revised to work with your new version of QuickBooks.

If you’re using merchant service or payroll in your QuickBooks, you don’t have to worry about any of that either…it all converts when the file is upgraded

A few things to pay attention to and you don’t have to worry…


BackupBACKUP BACKUP BACKUP. The easiest way to do that is to do so in your old version of QuickBooks, before you install the new version.
SUPER-TIP: When you back up it’ll allow you to name your backup…include in the name of your backup file something like QBYY_businessname.qbb where QBYY the YY would represent the year it was on prior to upgrading so if you were using QuickBooks Pro 2018 and OUR company it would be QB18_baronsinc.qbb.

During back up, we always recommend letting it do a data verification. If there is data corruption in your file, it may fail the process of being converted to the new version. Data repair may be needed. Not a HUGE issue MOST of the time…follow the prompts…if you need help, call us!

If you are making a jump of many versions (e.g. coming from QuickBooks 2011 to QuickBooks 2020), the chances are greater that the file will have trouble converting.
For upgrades like this where there are many years in between, you may have to step them up a few years at a time, we can help with this, we don’t expect that you’ll have every year in between those years of QuickBooks.

For large files, just be patient, go grab some coffee or lunch after the process starts. It might seem as thought QuickBooks is freezing up, but it might be just working in the background and the computer may even say that it’s “not responding”

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