Consulting Services:

The fees for our consulting services accounting firms Mobile AL can be included with the software quote as a package, purchased at a fixed rate for a particular project, or purchased by the hour.

QuickBooks Installation, Set up, & Training

Barons works with accounting firms Mobile AL and its clients to help with as much or as little of the installation,setup, and training as is needed or desired by the customer. We have many years of experience in accounting firms Mobile AL and are efficient and effective, saving the client time and money.

Conversions from other accounting packages

We can convert all or a portion of the lists and data from your previous accounting solution software. Depending on the software, we sometimes work with third party specialists such as a accounting firms Mobile AL to accomplish this task. There are some built in tools within the QuickBooks product line that will convert some of the more popular software titles, but rarely without problems. That  is why it is important to use a accounting firms Mobile AL in the conversion process in the particular softwares you are moving to and from.

It is important to note, that payroll records seldom convert intact (that is maintain their properties as payroll checks) between software platforms and accounting firms Mobile AL. That is not the case when converting from QuickBooks Pro or Premier to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. This is important to note for a mid-year conversion, where payroll would have to be recreated in some manner in order to facilitate quarter and year end payroll reporting to the government and for W-2’s.  

Fees for conversion engagements and accounting firms Mobile AL will vary greatly depending on many factors, but typically will have a fixed fee for the single engagement.

QuickBooks Accounting Support

Not understanding the accounting behind the software can frequently result in unexpected and / or  incorrect report outcomes. One of our accounting firms Mobile AL can clearly explain and /or help to correct reports, set up, and general ledger account mapping. Also, we are well versed in helping to explain standard accounting reports, such as the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss reports. Because our accounting staff specializes in this type of training, we are experienced at explaining accounting concepts in layman’s terms. Accounting firms Mobile AL support is typically billed out by the hour.

QuickBooks Cleanup

Often years have gone by before a client becomes aware that QuickBooks Pro-Advisors are available to assist in understanding the software. In the meantime the QuickBooks file  has become “messy” and the reports unreliable. Much can be done to correct past mistakes, leaving the client with a properly cleaned up file that can be used to produce accurate reports for your accounting firms Mobile AL. This alleviates the time and expense of starting over and reconstructing months or years of transactions. This cleanup is typically billed out hourly in a training engagement, so that the client understands the changes being made.

Checks and Supplies

Checks and Supplies are at the heart of a accounting firms Mobile AL.  We recommend using QuickBooks Checks, you write the check in QuickBooks and then print it off of your local printer.  This simplifies the process and avoids data entry errors.

Intuit has some great options for checks starting at the Basic Voucher Checks.  Economical QuickBooks check product, but minimal protection against fraud.

The next product up, and the post popular check, is the Secure Plus Voucher Checks.  It has advanced protection against fraud with 23 security features among others, heat sensitive icon which prevents photocopying, CheckLockTM Custom True Watermark, it protects against forgery and counterfeiting. Accounting firms Mobile AL and exclusive security coating which blocks tampering with your check info.

Finally Secure Premier Voucher Checks. These feature maximum protection against fraud with 29 security features, including everything in the Secure Plus Voucher Checks plus Security hologram makes your check virtually impossible to counterfeit.


W-12 PTIN (Tax Preparer Compliance)

We have a partnership with RushTech where you can get a FREE WISP download – if you are unfamiliar, or don’t have one….You NEED to familiarize yourself BEFORE you NEED one and don’t have one!

Tax Forms

Pre-Printed W-2 Kits

Pre-Printed W-2 Kits are used to report employee wages to federal, state, and local agencies, including a copy for your employee.  Each kit contains W-2 Forms, four free W3 forms, & compatible double-window envelopes. These kits are compatible with accounting firms Mobile AL, QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, & QuickBooks Enterprise using QuickBooks Desktop Basic or Enhanced Payroll.

Blank W-2 Kits

Blank W-2 Kits allows you to print your employees’ W-2 forms directly from QuickBooks using IRS approved blank, perforated paper.  Each kit contains perforated W-2 paper and compatible double-window envelopes.

W-3 Forms

These Pre-printed W-3 Forms are compatible with QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions customers who are using Quickbooks Desktop Basic or Enhanced Payroll

1099 Kits

These 1099 Kits are designed to print directly from QuickBooks and put information in the correct blank section of each form. Perfect for small business that don’t need to purchase in large quantity, you can get as few as 10 for the accounting firms Mobile AL. Each kit contains 1099 Forms (two tax forms per page), four free pre-printed 1096 forms, compatible double-window 1099 envelopes. Compatible with QuickBooks Desktop and later; QuickBooks Online Simple Start, Essentials and Plus; and QuickBooks for Mac.

1096 Forms

These 1096 forms are compatible with accounting firms Mobile AL, QuickBooks Desktop 2018 or later, QuickBooks Online (QBO) Plus, and QuickBooks for Mac 2018 or later.


These QuickBooks Business Envelopes come in various business sizes for invoices, forms, and other correspondence. These envelopes provide a professional appearance and are designed for optimal compatibility with QuickBooks, Intuit products, and accounting firms Mobile AL. Get blank or customized envelopes with your company’s logo and information. These envelopes come with industry standard security features so that you can mail with confidence.

QuickBooks Check Envelopes

Coming in a variety of sizes, dimensions, and styles, QuickBooks Check Envelopes are made specifically for QuickBooks checks and forms.  These self-seal business envelopes with windows hide sensitive information and include built-in security tabs to identify tampering.

QuickBooks Forms Envelopes

QuickBooks Forms Envelopes were designed for Intuit and QuickBooks product forms and feature a professional, secure envelope designed for your accounting firms Mobile AL.

Ei-Printing/Checks for Less – Our affiliate/referral link is HERE provides the highest quality QuickBooks® compatible laser checks for your business at the lowest prices in the nation, offering the best customer service and Quickbooks® compatible product value in the industry. Our Quickbooks® compatible printable checks and Quickbooks® compatible deposit tickets are the answer when you need one voucher for your files and one for the vendor.

Third-Party App Recommendations

QBox – Our affiliate/referral link is HERE


We refer QBox as the Dropbox for QuickBooks. It can be used to share QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Files with unlimited users such as accountants, bookkeepers, partners, etc. even out of a multi-user environment. Accounting firms Mobile AL and shared users can access QuickBooks files from any Windows compatible desktop or laptop computer.

While the QuickBooks file is “in use” it is locked by the user that opened it and is actively using the QuickBooks file.  While file is locked, any other user has access to the data file in a read-only mode, meaning they can access the QuickBooks file, look at transactions, run reports, they just should not enter or edit any transactions as they would be lost.

Sync POS transactions to Central Office

Stores doing retail sales, running QuickBooks Point-of-Sale (POS) need to update POS financials to QuickBooks and send the Company file to their Central office or accountants on a daily basis. Qbox can accommodate this need for any accounting firms Mobile AL. By using Qbox, we can make this a part of day-end, having a supervisor or manager at the store or stores trained to perform the simple steps required to send financials through Qbox daily, making it a routine and error free operation.

The retail store owner or accounting firms Mobile AL can create a Qbox folder for each store, and setup the QuickBooks Company file for the store in the folder. The POS system in the store is reconfigured to synchronize financial transactions to the Company file in the Qbox folder. At the end of the day, a staff member in the store can open the QuickBooks Company file in Qbox, acquire file lock, update the end-of-day POS financials, and close the file. Qbox will sync the transactions to the remote users who need to access them on a daily basis. Users in the retail stores can be trained to complete this whole operation in just a few minutes. There is no need for accountants to remote into the store computers, or travel to the store just to get the Company file.

Avalara – Our Landing page from Avalara is HERE

Avalara is THE LEADING PROVIDER of cloud-based sales and use tax manager solutions. Accounting firms Mobile AL have an end-to-end solution to seamlessly integrate your QuickBooks and/or QuickBooks POS system to provide accurate sales and use tax calculation, painless exemption certificate management, and effortless filing and remittance.

Automated, cloud-based solutions for tax compliance across the United States and the world, no matter the business size or industry.

Compliance slip ups can be expensive.  With Avalara, we automate in key areas with interconnected solutions for calculations, filing, and exemptions and get sales tax compliance right!

With Avalara, we help you eliminate the burden of filing. Returns “automatically” imports your transaction and tax data, then prepares & submits all forms and payments, to each tax agency.

T-Sheets – Our affiliate/referral code is HERE


We here at Barons’, Inc. not only recommend and endorse TSheets, we use it every single day to track not only our hourly employees, but our salaried employees as well. We encourage accounting firms Mobile AL use TSheets for job costing, reporting, scheduling and so much more. Tsheets saves us time, money, and syncs flawlessly to our QuickBooks Enterprise software. TSheets is compatible with all versions of QuickBooks both Desktop and Online, and syncs automatically.

TSheets is the perfect time tracking solution for businesses and accounting firms Mobile AL of any size that are looking for a way to simplify the way they manage timesheets. This cloud-based, mobile solution reduces the time and stress involved with manually tracking and entering time into accounting software.  TSheets is easy for employees to use, and lets managers approve time and process payroll with the click of a button.


Now you can eliminate manual, duplicate time entry. Time is tracked and approved; now, with one click, easily export employee time to QuickBooks. With all your timesheet data synced, you can use your favorite QuickBooks tools to process payroll, calculate job costing, create invoices and more, but now in record time!

TIME TRACKED AGAINST: Customers, accounting firms Mobile AL, Employees, Jobs, Service items, Classes, & Payroll Items


  • Avoid Headaches With Accurate Time Tracking. Track timesheets from any location, using any device, in real time.
  • No More Manual Work or Handwritten Time Cards. Review employee timesheets, and quickly approve them.
  • One-Click QuickBooks Integration. Send approved employee timesheets to QuickBooks to save hours and thousands of dollars.


Businesses that once spent hours on payroll are now averaging a mere 15 minutes. Plus, accurate time cards mean you aren’t paying for hours not actually worked.


Choose to have overtime alerts sent to your employees, managers or account administrators when someone is approaching overtime.


TSheets helps you make every billable second count with accurate-to-the-second time tracking by job code or client and the ability to incorporate value billing.


Labor is your biggest business expense and insight into those costs is critical. With TSheets, labor information is always available for invoicing, estimating and more.

Non-Intuit/QuickBooks Third-Party Apps

Zoom – Our referral code is located HERE

We, at Barons’, Inc. use Zoom and accounting firms Mobile AL almost as much as we use the phone!  We use it for meetings, virtually face-to-face sales calls, sales team meetings, one on one or one on many “conferences”.  We also have the ability to record or meetings.

Combined with the ability to record, we can share our screen, and use a recording of the audio (mp3) or screen only and/or a combination of audio and video (mp4).

We also synchronize Zoom to our calendar for scheduled meetings with Microsoft Outlook Integration as well.

We LOVE the join from anywhere and from any device functionality!  Doesn’t matter if you are on your PC or MAC workstation using a webcam, Windows or MAC laptops with a webcam or built-in webcam, or even tablets….EVEN your mobile phone, again, whatever OS you’re on, it just works!

Acuity Scheduling – Our referral code is located HERE

We LOVE Acuity Scheduling and accounting firms Mobile AL!  Acuity Scheduling is a simple, user friendly scheduling solution by which clients, vendors, & associates can quickly view real-time availability, and book their appointments accordingly.

This saves businesses from most of the headaches and mix-ups related to manual scheduling.  It boasts a powerful calendar coordination feature that automatically notifies when an appointment is booked, and allows checking schedules from mobile devices. It supports Google Calendar, iCalendar, Outlook and Office 365.

It is particularly effective for small and growing businesses that are competing against bigger businesses in their industry. It allows sending customized and branded reminders, confirmations and follow-ups for a more personalized customer experience. Customers can also make online payments while booking an appointment through PayPal, Stripe, Square, and Braintree. There are a host of other integrated applications and services it can work with suchs as Zapier, Quickbooks, MailChimp etc. for greater flexibility and scalability.