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Save money by upgrading to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (QBES)

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Save more of THIS – Upgrade to Enterprise AND SAVE MONEY!

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions has many features not available in QuickBooks Pro or Premier. The point of THIS article is to show you how you can have access to the additional functionality AND save money on your software and payroll costs.

QuickBooks Pro and Premier users who process their own payroll pay for a subscription to Enhanced Payroll, typically costing $450.00 annually plus $4 per employee per month. Depending on the number of QuickBooks users that you have, and your employee count you could potentially gain the additional feature set of QuickBooks Enterprise and save hundreds or even in excess of a thousand dollars per year.

Example #1 – a company who has a single-user QuickBooks Pro User license that they upgrade only as required, every three years, and processes payroll for 25 employees would incur total software and payroll costs of $4,980 over three years. By upgrading to a QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions Gold license which includes payroll with no per employee fee, the company could save $1,818 over three years, over $600 per year.

Example #2 – a company who has a two-user license of QuickBooks Premier and 30 employees could save $1,504 over three years, over $500 per year.

Example #3 – a company who has a four-user license of QuickBooks Premier and 50 employees could save $1,966 over three years, over $650 per year.

The examples above factor in a 20% perpetual discount on the annual retail cost of QBES Gold level. That discount is available by purchasing QuickBooks Enterprise through Barons’, Inc.

The variables that we need to look at to determine your savings are:

  • The level of QuickBooks you currently using, Pro versus Premier
  • Number of users
  • Employee count
  • The level of QuickBooks Enterprise level you would like to move to
  • Discounts available for QBES by purchasing through Barons’, Inc.

Savings are potentially available with as few as 13 employees, depending on the other variables.

By answering a few quick questions via our online form or with a quick discussion with us, we can quickly determine your potential savings. Go to to complete our very simple form or schedule a 15 minute appointment with Chris by CLICKING HERE.

Unlike QuickBooks Pro and Premier, which only require an upgrade every three years to maintain access to certain features, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is a subscription product, renewed annually, but paid annually (discounted) or by the month.

if you have a need for any of the additional functionality described below anyway, approaching the purchase from this vantage point is a great way to pay for that functionality.

There are three levels of QuickBooks Enterprise:

  • Silver includes all the features of QuickBooks Pro and Premier plus the many advanced features listed below
  • Gold includes everything in QBES Silver plus Payroll features without an additional payroll subscription and no per employee fees
  • Platinum includes everything in QBES Gold plus Advanced Inventory and Pricing features.
  • Advanced Features of QuickBooks Enterprise:

QuickBooks Enterprise Silver

  • Maximum simultaneous users up from 3 or 5 for Pro or Premier to up to 30
  • Enhanced user permissions (allows you to restrict users to certain features in extreme detail
  • Admin defined user roles
  • The ability to work in two companies simultaneously (HUGE!)
  • Expanded list limits (100,000+ customers, vendors, items, general ledger accounts, and employees)
  • Advanced reporting feature
  • The ability to consolidate reports from multiple company files
  • Additional custom fields with Admin defined formatting (HUGE!!)
  • Unlimited U.S. based support at no additional cost
  • Automatically receive newest versions

QuickBooks Enterprise Gold

  • Payroll features included with no additional payroll subscription or monthly employee fees

QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum

  • Advanced Inventory
  • Advanced Pricing

Barons’, Inc. has 3 offices located in Mobile, Alabama, Pelsor, Arkanas, and Austin (Roundrock), Texas. In business since 2002. We are a QuickBooks Solution Provider for Intuit. We sell, consult, & train on all QuickBooks products.  You can also purchase direct through our ecommerce website located at

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