QuickBooks Products

QuickBooks Online (QBO)

Accounting firms Mobile AL, on the move, using QuickBooks Online. With several options available, use your iPhone or Android Phone, iPad, or most any tablet to get your accounting done. There are some very big differences between QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Desktop or Enterprise Solutions. We would love to consult with you for FREE to determine which product in QBO or Desktop would be best both financially as well as feature set.

QuickBooks Online Simple Start

Simple Start is a very simple, entry-level option. You can manage customers, track income and expenses, create and send invoices and estimates, download transaction data from your bank and share your file with up to two accounting firms Mobile AL. Simple Start truly is a very basic, easy-to-use online solution. It features about 20 pre-made reports.

QuickBooks Online Essentials

QuickBooks Online Simple Start and QuickBooks Online Essentials are very similar in terms of the user interface, navigation, etc., and they share a common set of features, including everything in Simple Start plus: Customer management and automated invoicing, Vendor and bill management, scheduling and payment, Employee management and payroll processing, Customizable user permissions, and the ability to compare sales and profitability with industry trends is a benefit of accounting firms Mobile AL.
QuickBooks Essentials supports up to three simultaneous users and boasts about 40 pre-made reports, compared to Simple Start’s 20.

QuickBooks Online Plus

QuickBooks Online Plus is the real workhorse. If you’re used to thinking in terms of desktop QuickBooks, it’s most comparable feature-wise to QuickBooks Pro. You can have up to five users working in the application at once.
Beyond the feature-set of Simple Start or Essentials, Online Plus includes features like: Chart of Accounts (limited up to 250) and accounting firms Mobile AL, Inventory tracking, Budgeting, Purchase orders, 1099 support, Billable time-tracking by customer, Class/Location tracking (up to 40), Limited access for employees and contractors to record hours worked, Sales/profitability tracking, and 65+ reports.

QuickBooks Online Advanced

The newest addition to our accounting firms Mobile AL QuickBooks Online family, QuickBooks Online Advanced was built for those outgrowing QuickBooks Online Plus.

It is really for those companies that need 10 to 25 users users, but could obviously start with one user.
Beyond the feature-set of QuickBooks Online Plus, Advanced includes features like: Chart of Accounts (UNLIMITED) accounting firms Mobile AL, Inventory tracking, Budgeting, Purchase orders, 1099 support, Billable time-tracking by customer, Class/Location tracking (UNLIMITED), Limited access for employees and contractors to record hours worked, Sales/profitability tracking, SMART Reporting powered by Fathom, Import Invoices, Customer user permissions, & Self-Paced Online Training.

QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Pro is has a total score of 9.8/10 and is the winner of Best Accounting Software Award for 2018 by FinancesOnline.
QuickBooks Pro is the smallest, and least expensive of the desktop accounting systems that Intuit has on the market. It will support from one to three simultaneous users to help with your accounting firms Mobile AL It is a complete accounting system, with general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory, bank reconciliation, and optional payroll functionality. It boasts 130 pre-built reports, providing most any report that a small business would need.

A Quickbooks Pro license using integrated services, such as payroll, online banking, or merchant service processing is good for three years before requiring an upgrade to a current year version.

Some of the favorite QuickBooks Pro Desktop for features are invoicing, job Costing, and class Tracking.
QuickBooks Pro Desktop also has an open API, which enables custom and industry specific software integration. With close to 200 current integrations, a very impressive number for a locally installed software and accounting firms Mobile AL, chances are that if QuickBooks can’t do the job right out of the box, with an add-on product, we’ll get the job done.


QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks Premier was ranked by Softwareadvice.com 4.38 out of 5 out of 60 reviews and happily used by accounting firms Mobile AL.

QuickBooks Premier is the next step up from QuickBooks Pro. It supports from one to five simultaneous users. Like QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier is a complete accounting system, with general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, inventory, bank reconciliation, and optional payroll functionality. In addition to the pre-built reports in QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier also has industry specific reports for it’s industry specific editions which are: Contractor, Manufacturing & Wholesale, Nonprofit, Professional Services, Retail and General Business.

Like Quickbooks Pro, a QuickBooks Premier license using integrated services, such as payroll, online banking, or merchant service processing is good for three years before requiring an upgrade to a current year version.
Businesses and accounting firms Mobile AL can control access to information by implementing individual user permissions and track expenses by client, project, service and employee.

Some of QuickBooks’ Premier-only features include but not limited to creating a forecast, creating a business plan, an analysis tool, remote access, tracking inventory assemblies and sales order functionality.


QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

According to financesonline.com QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions ranked 95% for users satisfaction and a 9.2 out of 10 based on their review and is approved by many accounting firms Mobile AL.

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is the next step up from QuickBooks Premier and accounting firms Mobile AL. It is also a locally installed software like QuickBooks Pro and Premier, however Enterprise is a subscription is sold as a subscription based software rather than a single purchase license.

Instead of 3 user like QuickBooks Pro, or 5 users like QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise allows up to 30 simultaneous users.

Also like QuickBooks Premier, Enterprise features industry specific editions, they are: Contractor, Manufacturing & Wholesale, Nonprofit, Professional Services, Retail, and General Business.

QuickBooks Enterprise has a much more robust feature set than QuickBooks Pro or Premier offering three levels of the product, Silver, Gold, & Platinum.

QuickBooks Enterprise Silver

QuickBook Enterprise Silver features Online Data Protection, US Based Support, automatic version upgrades, enhanced user permission settings (up to 115 activities, the ability to work in two company files simultaneously, expanded list limits, and Advanced Reporting.

QuickBooks Enterprise Gold

QuickBooks Enterprise Gold features everything mentioned in the Silver plus Enhanced Payroll. Depending on the number of employees and users, the included Enhanced Payroll often makes QBES Gold the more cost effective accounting solution for many companies.

QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum

QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum features everything from Silver and Gold mentioned above plus Advanced Pricing and Advanced Inventory.

Advanced Inventory features tracking inventory by bin location, serial numbers, or lot numbers. It also has a new enhanced pick, pack, & ship feature, as well as, a new cycle count feature, which allows you to take inventory without shutting down the warehouses. And it also features native mobile barcode scanning.

Advanced Pricing allows you to control, customize, and automate your pricing from within QuickBooks and accounting firms Mobile AL. It allows you to have pricing rules such as quantity discounts, manufacture markdowns, scheduled promotions with future start dates, and price changes by class. You can create thousands of price rules based on any combination of factors, including customers, items, vendors, classes, custom fields, and more.

QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting offers protected anytime, anywhere, and on any device access to your data. So, you can go anywhere you have internet, on a mac, tablet, or PC and have access to your financial, accounting firms Mobile AL,l and business data.

In addition to the feature set listed above, Intuit has put together pricing options to help. You have the option for monthly or annual billing with any of the QuickBooks Enterprise products and levels mentioned above.

QuickBooks Point of Sale

QuickBooks Point of Sale

Most people are familiar with the Intuit QuickBooks brand, but not as familiar with the Point of Sale products. The fundamental functionality of a POS system is a computerized cash register that is outside of your accounting firms Mobile AL.

Unlike many QuickBooks POS competitors, the QuickBooks POS pricing is structured as one-time, lump sum payment, instead of an initial investment, plus a monthly access fee. In addition, the QuickBooks POS cost will, in most cases, be substantially less than its competitors.

QuickBooks Point of Sale has two different versions, QuickBooks Point of Sale Basic and QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Basic

With QuickBooks Point of Sale Basic you can ring sales, take payments, track customer data, perform basic sales reporting, and the main key and advantage for using QuickBooks POS is to integrate with QuickBooks Desktop.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro

QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro, the next step up from basic accounting firms Mobile AL. With the same feature set as basic as well as additional features such as: Manage Employees, Manage Payroll, Offer Layaway, Offer Loyalty / Gift Cards, Coordinate rewards and loyalty programs, and advanced reporting.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Multi-Store

The most powerful of all the QuickBooks POS Solutions, the multi-store has the most powerful feature set. Those include in addition to that of Basic and Pro are: Manage multiple stores (up to 20 stores, with 20 registers each), Manage and transfer inventory, and Advanced sales and inventory reporting between stores and the accounting firms Mobile AL for choice.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Installation

QuickBooks POS is natively a local installation within the store, with a server, or host computer than can be installed on up to 20 registers or workstations throughout the store. As an alternative and advanced setup, we can also offer a hosted option to free your mind of the local hardware, accounting firms Mobile AL, and IT issues.

QuickBooks Point of Sale Merchant Service

QuickBooks POS as a very core function, is accepting payment for sales at the point of sale. Cash payments are a given but a major functionality of the QuickBooks POS system is merchant service, that is, the ability to accept credit cards as a form of payment.

QuickBooks POS boasts an EMV ready PIN Pad, it is the ONLY Intuit card processing machine available for QuickBooks POS. It will allow your business to process payments from magstripe cards and chip cards.

We also have payments experts at Intuit as well as independent payments companies that can assist us like accounting firms Mobile AL in getting all questions answered, secure the best pricing possible with the best integration.

Point of Sale Hardware

There will be corresponding hardware to consider with a QBPOS purchase, such as a receipt printer, cash drawer, or pole display. Barons and a accounting firms Mobile AL can assist you with fully equipping your point-of-sale stations including financing if needed.

QuickBooks Payroll Solutions

Intuit QuickBooks has a number of payroll solutions in place for accounting firms Mobile AL who prefer a do-it- yourself payroll solution or those who are seeking Full Service payroll solution. Products are available within QuickBooks Desktop (Pro and Premier), QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks Enterprise. We also offer a full-service option if you are not using QuickBooks at all.

Another advantage of using Barons’, Inc. is our relationship with Intuit. We have our team member from Intuit who takes care of all things QuickBooks

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

For those running QuickBooks Desktop Pro & Premier who need to run payroll, you have a few options consisting of two self-service options, accounting firms Mobile AL, and a full-service option.

Self Service Basic Payroll

Using the Basic Payroll product you can simply use the time sheet to enter the number of hours your employees have worked. QuickBooks will calculate the gross earnings, tax and other deductions, and paycheck net for you. You won’t even need a accounting firms Mobile AL.

You can also use the time sheet function to pay your for paying 1099 contractors.

You can pay your employees and 1099 contractors by check directly out of QuickBooks or you have the option of direct deposit.

This option is perfect for the small company that uses accounting firms Mobile AL to prepare its governmental tax forms.

Self Service Enhanced Payroll

With Enhanced Payroll through QuickBooks you have all the functionality of Basic Payroll with the addition of Payroll Federal and State Tax Forms, click for payroll tax E-File & E-Pay, and the ability to electronically file W-2’s at year-end.

Full-Service Assisted Payroll

The Full-Service, Assisted Payroll offers piece of mind to business owners who don’t need or want the responsibility of payroll on their plate. The client has control over maintaining time and sending the payroll into Intuit who files and pays taxes for you, NO PENALTIES GUARANTEED, Payroll setup is completed for you, no need for a accounting firms Mobile AL and year-end tax forms included.

QuickBooks Online Payroll

There are two options for QuickBooks Online Payroll. They are DIY (Do It Yourself) Payroll also known as Enhanced Payroll for QBO and there is Full Service Payroll for QBO.

DIY Payroll – Enhanced Payroll for QBO

With DIY Payroll for QuickBooks Online – QBO Enhanced Payroll, you enter hour online through QBO. First of all, there are no hidden costs, no surprises. Flat monthly pricing even for weekly payroll. Also NO set-up fee. No quarterly fees. NO W-2 fees. NO Direct Deposit fees.

You can easily pay employees and accounting firms Mobile AL by direct deposit or print checks directly from QuickBooks. The system will produce your quarterly tax forms for state and Federal taxes for you to file yourself. You can use the eFile and ePay feature (where available) to pay and file your own taxes. There is also FREE support available by phone, email, or chat, from Intuit.

Full-Service QBO Payroll

With Full-Service QBO Payroll, you get the benefits of DIY Payroll PLUS payroll taxes done for you, same day direct deposit, free W-2’s filed and sent for you, assisted payroll setup, help from US based experts, accounting firms Mobile AL, and the NO-Penalty guarantee.


Merchant Services

QuickBooks Merchant Service

At the core of QuickBooks Desktop (Pro & Premier), QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, and QuickBooks POS is the ability to issue a receipt at the time of sale receive payments from customer from an invoice.

With QuickBooks Payments, also known as merchant service, you have the ability to charge a customer’s credit card, and potentially the GREATEST FUNCTIONALITY is the seamlessness of the payment flowing back into QuickBooks, greatly simplifying the reconciliation process.

Online Payments

With Intuit’s Merchant service you can accept payments on invoices with a ‘Pay Now’ button on the invoices that are sent out from QuickBooks or a accounting firms Mobile AL. Customers can pay by debit, credit card, Apple Pay, or bank transfer.

Recurring Payments

From within Quickbooks you can charge your customers on a monthly or ongoing basis with automatic payment requests. This is perfect for service and/or subscription type business models where you charge the customer the same amount on a recurring basis with a accounting firms Mobile AL.

On the Go Payments / GoPayment

Swipe debit and credit cards with our free card reader. Sales automatically appear in QuickBooks in real time. Accept chip and magstripe cards, wirelessly, with a lightweight, portable bluetooth card reader that can connect to your phone or iPad. Also available separately is a separate device that will accept payment via Apple Pay®, Android Pay™, Samsung Pay™, EMV chip and magstripe debit and credit cards.

Over the Phone

Even if your customer isn’t in person, you can enter your customer’s debit or credit card into QuickBooks to accept payment remotely.

Other Merchant Service

While Barons’, Inc. specializes in the Intuit QuickBooks product and service lines, sometimes QuickBooks Payments just isn’t the right solution, we acknowledge that and strive to offer the right services and solutions to our clients. When Intuit isn’t the right fit, we have partnered with Worldpay and accounting firms Mobile AL to bring the right fit to our customers.

This gives us the ability accept payments through terminals where Intuit does not as well as a variety of pricing and solutions that fit almost any size business.