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Running Payroll in QuickBooks – Cost Evaluation

There are a number of businesses using QuickBooks Pro & Premier and running payroll using Enhanced Payroll (aka Do It Yourself Payroll.) There are several of these businesses that would benefit from moving up to QuickBooks Enterprise, but is it cost effective; after you pay for the Pro or Premier software, keeping in mind that it is good for three years (referring to the sunset policy) before you need to upgrade a desktop license? Then you have the cost for the enhanced payroll subscription and the per employee fee.
In this post we’re going to break this down for you…

We have calculated the break-even point for a switch to QB Enterprise.
The analysis includes:

  • The cost of your software version / number of users
  • The Payroll fees
    • The per employee cost per month
    • The cost of your Enhanced Payroll subscription.

You can see our breakdown below – These break-even savings are just the beginning. Every additional employee over break-even saves an additional $72 over the three year period. WHY NOT!? AND YOU SAVE MONEY!

Payroll Break Even

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