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New Revenue Stream for YOU

Let us help you add revenue to your practice, and take the QuickBooks monkey off of your back!

QuickBooks is WHAT WE DO!  Let US do it for you and generate revenue for you! We’ll split all revenue generated through your relationship an even 50%.

We’ll take care of sales, support, and installations all FOR you…maintaining YOUR relationship with YOUR customer and maintaining communication with YOU, the MSP for the security of your YOUR client!

We understand that QuickBooks is a pain for a lot of MSPs.  We want to ease that pain and help you collect a little revenue off of that pain and take that burden from you at the same time! OBVIOUSLY it helps us at the same time!

50/50 Split of what?

All Revenue that is generated through your customer relationship…that means new Sales of QuickBooks Software – that is ALL available QuickBooks Software

  • All QuickBooks Online (QBO) are paid one time bounty or commission
  • QBO Simple Start, QBO Essentials, QBO Plus, QBO Advanced
  • QuickBooks Desktop Products
  • QuickBooks Desktop (Pro & Premier) Bought at Wholesale and ReSold
  • QuickBooks Desktop PLUS (Pro & Premier) are subscription (recurring commission)
  • QuickBooks Enterprise (Silver, Gold, & Platinum) (recurring commission)
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) (One time commission)
  • QuickBooks POS Basic, Pro, & Muti-Store
  • QuickBooks POS Hardware (Wholesale purchase and re-sell)
  • QuickBooks Payments (Merchant Service) – (Recurring Commission)
  • QuickBooks Payroll (varied payouts depending on service/product sold)


As a QSP for Intuit, we have relationships with our clients, as do you…Intuit places value on those relationships, and pays us for them. Specifically talking about QuickBooks Enterprise.  For all QuickBooks Enterprise customers that we have an ROR (Reseller of Record) for on file with  Intuit, they give us/YOU a 10% commission on for the life of that customer.  If they pay by the month, we get a monthly residual, if paid annually, then we get an annual commission.  We have a standard ROR form, we will help you get that form from your customers, it requires a customer signature, along with business info and QuickBooks License Number.

Relationships are built on TRUST – Our relationship with Intuit

We started out as QuickBooks ProAdvisors, providing QuickBooks support for our customers. In 2006 we started selling payments for Intuit then moved into their QSP Channel, then called IRP – stands for QuickBooks Solution Provider. Intuit send sales leads to us that they cannot close. Support options that they cannot provide are also sent to us. We are not accountants, tax professionals, or bookkeepers although we have an extensive network of all of the above…our CFO is a CPA as well and co-owner.

Our Channel Account Manager at Intuit is also VERY active with us. If we ever have a support issue, or customer service issue, we’ve been with Intuit long enough to have resources at our disposal, even outside the regular channels if needed.

Getting You Paid

How do you get paid?

We’ll request a Direct Deposit Authorization form from you.  On a monthly basis, usually around the 10th of the month, we’ll deposit your funds into your account and email a report of where the funds came from, what customer and how much.  Simple enough?

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