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Connecting Your QuickBooks with Intuit Merchant Services

So you now have your QuickBooks installed on your computer. You might be a retail store with Point of Sale. Or a manufacturer with QuickBooks Enterprise. Or maybe even an independent contractor using QuickBooks Online. But whatever profession you may have, one thing is always going to be common between them: the need to take payments / credit cards.

As a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, as well as a QuickBooks Solution Provider, Barons’ delivers the best possible rates to our clients, often times far less that the advertised “industry standard” pricing. Our payments team also subscribes to a “meet-or-beat” policy, ensuring that anyone making a chance from another provider will not be leaving any money on the table during the switch. Intuit also provides hardware (credit card machines, mobile “gopayment” readers, and more!) Intuit Merchant services is also the only approved credit card process that Integrates into the QuickBooks Software.

Integration is an important component to one’s decision on credit card processor to choose, especially in a customer facing environment. On average, a customer facing transaction with a non-integrated credit card solution takes approximately a minute and a half. An integrated solution cuts that time down by 50%. That means more time on the floor and less time behind the register. This in an instant boost to the business productivity. Integration also cuts down on user error. No longer is it the users’ responsibility to manually enter the price. QuickBooks will automatically push the transactional data into the credit card machine, cutting down on time and potential errors.

There are literally hundreds of options out there for merchant services/credit card processing. In my years running retail stores, I feel like every other telephone call I had was some new fly-by-night credit card processor, promising me the lowest rates and the best service. Unfortunately, like a used car salesman, they were telling me everything they thought I wanted to hear, and many of these companies just did not have the rates, infrastructure, and history in the business that I could get with Intuit’s in-house merchant service payments team.

Operating out of Intuit’s Tuscon, Arizona office, Intuit’s payments team strives to offer the best possible rates to Barons’ clients, even higher than going to them direct, as well as the highest level of customer satisfaction. With next day deposits, 24/7 tech support, and one of the most secure networks anywhere, the future is bright for any retailer or businessperson connecting their QuickBooks software with their QuickBooks payments account.

Setting Up Your account:
Point of Sale – In the Setup interview, there will be a tab that says “credit cards”. At the tab, log into your Intuit Payments online portal. This will automatically connect your Point of Sale software with your Intuit Payments Account.

QuickBooks Online – Once you have your QuickBooks online company file set up, go to your company settings and look for the payments option and click “connect”. It’s as easy as clicking on the link, entering your Intuit merchant service account information, and pressing ok. Now you’re connected!

QuickBooks Desktop (Pro/Premier/Enterprise) – Choose the “Customers” in the top text menu and click “Link Payment Service to company file”. Here, you will enter your Intuit payments log in and password that you set up from your original approval email, and you will be connected.

Post written by Chris Metzler, Sales Manager for Barons’, Inc. – If you have questions, we have answers, PLEASE contact us!

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