Corona Virus / Covid-19 Is Taking it's toll on all of us!

Barons’, Inc. is doing our part to be socially distanced. We’re working from home. We do almost 100% if not a full 100% of meetings these days via zoom or through remote desktop. While doing this, we need to think about our kids and what they are going through as a result of this distancing…Thus started this project.

Going on a BEAR Hunt

Are you and your kids going STIR CRAZY like me and MY Kids!? There is a book called ‘We’re Going On a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen
Based on this book, people are putting teddy bears in their windows, you should play along with us!

Please put a teddy bear in your house window and then CLICK HERE to submit your address for parents and kids to drive/walk/bike past your BEAR.

View BEARY Special Map in a full screen map