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If you’re an accountant, bookkeeper, or tax professional and found this page you’ve just unlocked a limitless source of new income for your practice and all you have to do is continue to recommend the same great intuit products you’ve already been recommending to your current clients for years.

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A massive network of fellow accountants ready to support you and provide answers to common questions

A direct line to Intuit’s tier 3 support team to help you solve complex problems quickly and in real-time

Free Sales and marketing collateral so that you can spend your valuable time helping your clients and not worry about going back and forth with your graphic designer

Access to our partners-only coaching calls where you’ll get live training from the product team at Intuit and the QuickBooks sales experts at Barons' so you can maximize your practices passive revenue stream and minimize the time you spend “selling” products and services

Instant one-on-one access and support from the Barons’ team inside our partners-only slack channel

Access to our private Facebook mastermind group where you can learn from the success of your peers

Leverage our decades of experience in the intuit platforms to supercharge your accounting practice, and unleash our expertise to tackle your biggest problems

And you’ll get all that without ever being asked to maintain a quota or pressured into selling more, and more expensive products.

In short, we want to make this the easiest decision you’ve had to make today, and one you’ll never have to worry about regretting. Sign up today for the BARONS Accounting success group and start growing your business in ways you never thought possible.

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